Roy Baldwin

Roy Baldwin is a husband, dad, and son. He currently serves as CEO for Christian Heritage, a foster care agency in Nebraska. He is the former Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family and Executive Director of Camp Monadnock. Roy has worked for over 25 years working with at-risk youth and families.

You can follow Roy on Twitter @Baldwin_Roy.

Being a Beggar

“I cannot humble myself if I don’t understand that brokenness and suffering are gifts” and that the pathway to humility and ultimately hope is to take on the very same…

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Resilient Faith

I was recently having a conversation with someone about the impact and fallout of COVID-19. For reasons that we may never understand, COVID-19, a dangerous pandemic that has derailed plans…

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When you hear that word what comes to mind? Webster Dictionary defines fragile as: “easily broken or damaged; delicate; not strong.” We quickly assign this word to things like glass…

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