Our Story

Many people along our journey have told us we need to write a book.  It’s not because we are poetic and expert writers, but because the true author of our story has led us on a journey that has often been a bit of every genre out there!  There’s lots and lots of crazy funny moments, but there has been drama, romance, seduction, loss and grief in the midst of it all.  Our journey is also not our own in that we have walked beside hundreds of children and youth, adults and families going through the challenges and losses of life. Through all of it, our faith has been strengthened and have discovered that our hope is secure.  These learnings that has given us the courage to share our story and find freedom in the context of grace and sincerity.

We have been married for 25+ years, but our stories began long before then.  We look back from another perspective these days, knowing that our experiences…personally, together and as a family…have shaped and molded us to the people we are today.  We are nowhere close to what we dreamed we’d be, and we have come to the realization that we have no clue how this story ends. There have been surprises in every chapter.  But we know that the purpose of every chapter has drawn us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, one another, and those in our sphere of influence.

We are a family of….well, depending on the chapter we are in, it varies from 2 to 4 to 3 to 75 to 5 to 7…which includes our own 3 children, Nicholas, Anna Grace, and Emily, several ‘daughters’ that we’ve had the pleasure to ‘raise’, a few pets along the way….well, and us.  It all started with us.

Our story is continual.  It doesn’t have an end.  Our lives, the choices we make daily, and the impact that those choices have on those we love and serve have the power to live on forever.  Once we grasped that perspective, our mission became clearer.  We hope our story isn’t just another feel good or fix-it perspective.  We long to be genuine and authentic as we continually share our story as it is radically being shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel not only hinges on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but our ability to authentically, sincerely, genuinely share that hope through how broken we truly are.

As we hope you will see, authenticity requires courage, but not recklessness. It requires a balance of Truth and Grace in three areas: ourselves; others; and God. Our attempts to achieve authenticity are experienced and revealed as we walk this path of life.

We believe this gets to the heart of the Gospel and our story. The purpose of our lives is that, as Christ transforms us, people will not be drawn to us but to Christ. This requires the pursuit of sincerity which we hope you will find throughout our story and our posts.